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Friday, October 30, 2009


Well folksies ... my new doggies are getting used to being 'home' with me. As a matter of fact ... Sookie Bear has made several an attempt to literally eat the nose right off my face. It was cute the first 50 times ... it's getting a swat on the bum now.

Katie Belle keeps putting Sookie right in her place ... a well placed growl and a cute little lick. KB has the bad cop/good cop thing down pat!!!

Now for some other news ... I've had some difficulty with my cable company. I keep asking them what my monthly payment would be with taxes and each time they give me a number I dutifully change it in my billpay in my bank account ... then about 3 months later they cut off my service and say that I'm 300 bucks in arears. Un-freaking-believable. So here, I thought everything was hunky-dory and all my bills are paid and accounted for ... then all of the sudden ... service is cut off!

I'm patting myself on the back ... 'good girl ... you've got your shite together, it's fantastic, let's go get some dogs!!!' But NO NO NO NO NO ... Here I find out ... AGAIN ... that the cable company has effed up my account and they cannot account for it! Shocking? I'm no longer shocked!

Bloody hell ... I can't get it back on until the 10th of November. Which also means that I don't have INTERNET access until the 10th of November as well, AND that I have to pay a reconnection fee. Needless to say ... It may be a while until I comment ... as really ... being able to comment on some blogs from work has been hit or miss forever now. I'm reading you though!!!

So ... I'm going to look into what the charge is to get internet through my cell phone provider. And I'm going to call and have the cable company recalibrate my package to exclude internet and phone service and just cable service.

If the difference isn't that much ... I'm changing.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with my cable company ... that they can't help me get my bloody account balance to zero ... and then give me the exact amount that I should be paying with tax for my package each month. (Which by the way I've asked them time and time and time and time and time again ... yes really that many times and each bleeding time it's a different bloody amount!)

I do believe I'll be writing them a very strongly worded letter as well. It's getting rediculous! I was in 2 months ago ... paid my balance down to zero but for the re-connect fee and sat there in front of the rep and asked her how much my monthly bill was including tax, excluding purchased movies. She said ... 177.34, I tapped the amount into my blackberry. Then I set up my bank billpay for 178 bucks a month ... that's an incredible amount of money. NOW NOW ... the lady I spoke with on the phone yesterday ... says it's 183 a month!!!! #$%# THEM!

Okay ... I'm off now ... to look at Verizon's internet access info.

I'll let you all know how it goes. (#$%#in bloodsucking vampiric cable companies!!!)

Brightest blessings,


3 Things people say ...:

Pam said...

I hate having to deal with companies and customer service!

Coachdad said...

Best of luck with Verizon... I have had my own problems with them.

Lacey said...

I do believe a heated letter is in order! Congrats on the doggies!