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Screaming at an Old Chat Love ... I'm that retarded!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Oh dear ... I've been chatting with an old online friend of mine. A love actually, in my naivety. I started chatting with him about 10 years ago, and at the time we would phone eachother often. Nearly every night. At the time, he claimed to be in love with me. Yay ... I found chat love 10 years ago!!!

Moving on.

He and I started chatting again about a month ago. It was normal at first ... talking about old times, what's going on these days. Yadda yaddda mudda fadda!

The situation is that he's now fascinated with this girl. He claims to be in love with her. This girl happens to live in Canada. Ian lives in Oregon. Obviously it's a long-distance type relationship, yay and good for them! He does nothing but talk about it non-stop ... asking what he should do ... should he stay with her, should he dump her? I understand ... he's frustrated by the failed (and seemingly false) attempts by her to visit.

Their problem is ... she's been trying to get down to visit him and each time, something has come up that prevents her trip. She hasn't been able to make it. All he talks about is whether he should continue the relationship or not because she hasn't dropped every damned thing in her life to go and visit him. I'm tired of it. I'd like to continue our friendship (and I'm striking up a pretty good friendship with her too) but I'm sick to death of talking constantly about this one and only issue. I'm sick of being in the middle of them both. It's bloody annoying!

So last night I was forced to work a double ... 16 hours. Ian gets online today and starts in about himself and Jen. No hi ... no how are ya ... no whatcha been up to ... no how's work? NOTHING!!! Just ... what should I do, stay or break up?

Um ... hullo? What am I, chopped liver?

Finally I told him (quite flippantly) that in the end ... his selfishness will drive her and me both away ... and he'll not have to make any decision at all. So he probably shouldn't worry over it so. What does he say?

Ian: "So ... should I break up with her? Maybe she doesn't deserve me!" (literally this is what he said right after I said the above)
Me: "I don't think you deserve her, you're a selfish crybaby!"

Ian: "So ... what should I do ... leave her alone, break it off?"
Me: (mouth agape, really? he's asking yet ANOTHER EFFIN TIME?) "Do what you wanna do"

about an hour later ...

Ian: "So ... should I tell her I don't want to talk to her anymore?"
Me: "Tell her your going to the gorram moon for all I care, I don't really care what you choose to or not to do"

Ian: "crybaby yahoo smiley"
Me: "You know what Ian? I worked 16 straight hours yesterday. I got about 2 hours of sleep, and it's likely I'll have to work another 16 hours tonight ... you messaged me ... no Hi how do you do ... you just went into your selfish egotistical diatribe and questioning about what you should do with or about 'J'. Some friend you are."

and finally ...

Ian: "How am I selfish?"
Me: "I worked a 16 hour shift last night ... and lucky for you ... I'm tired and pissy enough to repeat , as I've literally JUST told you this. I was forced to work a double shift last night -- 16 straight hours, I got about 2 hours of sleep. I'm charged with dogsitting my mother's dog, and really can't be gone 18 hours a day while I'm doing that. I am being forced to do another 16 hour shift tonight. BUT ... when you first messaged me today ... you said Hi. You never asked me how I was, what I was up to, how things were going, if I'd grown horns or halos, or perhaps sprouted a tail since the last we'd chatted? No no ... can't do any of that ... don't really care what's happening with anyone else or in anyone else's life ... as long as you can talk about 'J' ... and repeat over and over and over and over the same stupid bloody questions, that I told you before only you can answer as I don't live inside your rock hard head, that you've been asking me for the last sodding month!!!! So thanks so much for your friendship ... but I'm tired of it ... tired of you being a big inconsiderate whiny little baby brat. And I'm tired of talking to you today, see ya!"

What a doofus!

End Rant.

I feel much better.

2 Things people say ...:

Barry said...

Ian's obtuseness would be funny if it wasn't so sad--and if it wasn't just about to make three lives miserable.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Not just three lives, Barry ... each of them have a child!!!