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A Garden Song

Friday, December 19, 2008


I've just realized that my comments are not working on my blog. I'm not sure what's wrong with it. I may have to reformat the whole thing. I really annoy myself when I don't back things up ... It's a pisser.

My class went really well yesterday, although I was tired as 'all-get-out' upon returning home. I slept most of the night, got up for about an hour, ran out of smokie-treats, and went back to bed. Slept until noon. (I am such a lazy-bones)

My honey stayed at his dad's the last few nights. His dad's house, which doesn't have internet access, therefor he and I spoke not at all for two whole days. I know ... big whoops to you all who have husbands and loved ones over seas and such, this is pretty new for me though. Anyway, I spoke with him last night for a wee bit. I can't wait until he decides where he's going to stay already. (I'm lazy and selfish)

ஜ~§Quote of the Day§~ஜ

I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things... I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind.
Leo Buscaglia

ஜ~§The Question Of The Day§~ஜ

The holiday season is a big time for box office revenues. What Hollywood releases are you looking forward to seeing in the theater this month? What would you not go see even if someone paid you?

ஜ~§The Word Of The Day§~ஜ



noun: The pod of the tree Tamarindus indica, the pulp of which is sour in taste and used in preparing food and drinks.

From Latin tamarindus, from Arabic tamr (date) + hindi (Indian), owing to the date-like consistency of its pulp.

"Trimming staff may be a consideration, but this will have to be considered against the background that the economy may begin to 'recover' by 2012 ... We Jamaicans have been so seasoned to hardships that this extended tamarind season may be tailor-made for us."

ஜ~§What I'm Reading§~ஜ

JD Robb: Salvation in Death

ஜ~§What I'm Watching§~ஜ

Tonight is: Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs.

ஜ~§Poem Of The Day§~ஜ

A Garden Song

HERE in this sequestered close
Bloom the hyacinth and rose,
Here beside the modest stock
Flaunts the flaring hollyhock;
Here,without a pang, one sees
Ranks, conditions, and degrees.

All the seasons run their race
In this quiet resting place,
Peach and apricot and fig
Here will ripen and grow big;
Here is store and overplus,--
More had not Alcinoüs!

Here, in alleys cool and green,
Far ahead the thrush is seen;
Here along the soutern wall
Keeps the bee his festival;
All is quiet else--afar
Sounds of toil and turmoil are.

Here be shadows large and long;
Here be spaces meet for song;
Grant, O garden-god, that I,
Now that none profane is nigh,--
Now that mood and moment please,--
Find the fair Pierides!

Austin Dobson

ஜ~§Recipe of the Day§~ஜ

Baked Eggs and Mushrooms in Ham Crisps

(My fave breakfast recipe!!!)

3/4 lb mushrooms, finely chopped
1/4 cup finely chopped shallot
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
2 tablespoons crème fraîche or sour cream
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh tarragon
12 slices Black Forest or Virginia ham (without holes; 10 oz)
12 large eggs
Garnish: fresh tarragon leaves

Prepare mushrooms:
Cook mushrooms and shallot in butter with salt and pepper in a large heavy skillet over moderately high heat, stirring, until mushrooms are tender and liquid they give off is evaporated, about 10 minutes.
Remove from heat and stir in crème fraîche and tarragon.

Assemble and bake:
Fit 1 slice of ham into each of 12 lightly oiled muffin cups (ends will stick up and hang over edges of cups).

Divide mushrooms among cups and crack 1 egg into each. Bake in middle of oven until whites are cooked but yolks are still runny, about 15 minutes. Season eggs with salt and pepper and remove (with ham) from muffin cups carefully, using 2 spoons or small spatulas.


• The eggs in this recipe are not fully cooked, which may be of concern if salmonella is a problem in your area.

Brightest Blessings,

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Profoundly Inarticulate said...

That recipe sounds really good. Glad you got your comments working again!

SweetPeaSurry said...

Thanks for stopping by ... I'm glad I figured the mess out too. :)