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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I sat down and wrote three poems today, so that's what I'll be posting. Back to normal tomorrow though.


You left

You didn't say why
I didn't stand
I didn't cry
I stood
In the middle
Of a storm
Feeling unwarmed
I sat
Curled up lust
Fevered I forget

Hearts corrupt

Lovers embrace
Nothing sacred
No safe place
No feeling
No love
Don't go there
No caresses
I don't care
Don't touch
No more tastes
Our own peril
Disguised disgust
Ignorant pain
It's just lost

Shadows Fallen
Darkness and sorrow

Light turned to dusk
Stars winking out
Shriveled emotion
Choking life
Ending joy
Darkened sighs

4 Things people say ...:

Sassy Britches said...

I really liked "Shadows Fallen." Very powerful. My heart is hurting for you!

Sweet Cheeks said...

Sister Sweet, lovely poems. They made me sad.
~Special KimSue Kisses~
Time will ease your pain and sorrow.

SparkleFarkle said...

Your poems are incredible. But, oh, your heart-- a smattering of broken pieces. I'm reminded of that kind of pain evoked when, as a child, I read of icy shards piercing the boy in The Snow Queen. Having never yet been in love, his sister's pain from realising how far from love her brother was, was the closest thing I then knew of heartache. Later, heart break became inevitably all too real (and I learned that sister's pain was merely the tip). For all of us, I suppose. But that doesn't make it any easier, or give it any sic justification. I wish we could spend the day together. I would make you sweet tea and little cookies, and read comic books out loud (SparkleFarkle-style, you know, all the various different voices needed)-- anything to pad your world, even if just for a short time, so you could more easily begin to heal. But none of that would do, I know, so I would just hold you and let you cry. Take care; be good to yourself. I'm thinking of you.

Lacey said...

The third one is my favorite. :D