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Name Cakes for Friday's Feast

Friday, April 17, 2009


I promised this for Friday ... the problem is ... I live in a society where Friday could be TUESDAY!!!

Here's Friday's Feast though.

My grandmother used to bake us cakes in the shape of our names. I don't know how she did it ... many pans I suspect to shape out KORIE!

My grandmother is a rockstar cake baker. I'm not a baker, unless you count cooking frozen pizza pies.

One more time, my grandmother is a ROCKSTAR cake baker.

That's all.
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5 Things people say ...:

That one girl said...

Can't bake to save my life. Two batches of cookies went into the trash this week from me thinking that this non-baker thing was just in my head. I suck. Finally went to Whole Foods and bought myself some cookies cause I'm THAT bad.

Carnation said...

hi there, i love baking too but got no time and space at the moment. got an award for you at

CaJoh said...

Thank you for your short but sweet Feast. Someone suggested to me that I make pancakes in the shape of F2, but I never got round to it.

If she's a Rockstar baker, do people ask for her autograph?

Rachel said...

I wish I could bake! I'm not bad at pies, but rockstar cake-baking eludes me!

Susan said...

I used to enjoy cake decorating for the kids birthdays, but the cakes themselves were just made from a mix!
Good look with the body makeover!