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Dear Mr. President

Friday, October 4, 2013


Mr. President,
I wanted to express my concern over your exasperation. Thank you for being president, when you are needed most!

How I'd like to thank thee..... For making me work harder so those that don't work can have the right to live as I do. The "right" to have healthcare rather than the "right" to earn it. I feel silly for never understanding that if a family can't financially provide for one child that one, two or several more makes perfect sense. The "right" to extended extensions for unemployment because it's real hard to walk past the many "Now Hiring" signs and I'm pretty sure Google doesn't work on their expensive cellular phones to help find work. Since I'm on that subject. Maybe you could do some research and verify since I'm forced to appreciate you bringing it to my attention that the "right" to cellular privacy and the "right" to bear arms are merely overrated and that they can be forfeit at any time.

I feel so selfish for seniors (Vets and their spouses not included) not having healthcare when my retirement age is 78+ years of age and the social security that they are enjoying that comes out of my paycheck won't be there for me. Hell I won't ever see a pension or retirement for that matter, since nobody will be working more than 40 hours! I feel so selfish for not hopping aboard the "right" for immigrants to come to this country and take our citizens jobs (or start their own business for that matter) and benefits without speaking the English language. I now understand that the first bankruptcy of Chrysler was just a trial run and that it's ok to not learn from their many mistakes. (by the way these Union Members are exempt from your ACA but yet most make more than $25/hour in a nearly entirely robotic industry) I shouldn't question the fact that you run the US funds like a teen fresh out of high school with their first credit card. I shouldn't question that you act like a child well before high school when anyone in this country stands up to you, but yet take your balls off with any foreign related topic.

You have won your presidency through ignorance. You won your votes through the uneducated, unmotivated, and unemployed by giving them encouragement and acceptance that those are all the great qualities this country needs. You came into presidency assuring that you would do whatever it takes to make sure that both Republicans and Democrats would communicate and be heard and yet it stands divided. The worst it's been in years. I hope you've at least improved your golf game so that you might have the ability to say you've accomplished something in the last several years. I don't even have faith that you've done that. You not only lead this country into the belief that it is alright to be less than average but make it tempting and worthwhile to do so. You sir, are a failure! Bush was a horrible president as well, but you far surpass him. You have destroyed the hope that this country can climb out of the debt by devaluing the US Dollar, and borrowing more from our competition or just printing more. You run this country like an episode of Jerry Springer that continually repeats itself. And now.... When the country needs you most... You stand there pointing fingers?! Anxiously awaiting someone else to take the lead because you have no idea how. Can't sidestep this one like you did with your ACA can you? People are becoming aware of your crimes, your phony healthcare and leadership.

I figured I'd piss and moan since you want to fully financially support minorities. I work 60 hours a week and get paid for 40. I have no kids but pay for everyone else's. I help my elderly neighbors with their lawns and yard work. I regularly donate to many charities for vets, children and local authorities. I AM THE MINORITY YOU TWIT, AND YOU HAVEN"T DONE A DAMN THING TO HELP ME!!! See, I could have the "this country owes me" so get out your big ass rubber check book mentality too, but I'd rather do what's best for the majority of this country and ask you to step down. Might be a pleasant change of pace from the swan dive you have this wonderful country of ours in.
Yours Truly


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